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Hastelloy B2 Welded Steel Pipe Corrosion Resistant Nickel Molybdenum Alloy

Minimum Order Quantity : 1000kg Price : negotiable
Packaging Details : In bundles in wooden box Delivery Time : 6-8 weeks
Payment Terms : D/A
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Torich
Certification: CE PED Model Number: Hastelloy B-2

Detail Information

Similar Grade: NS322/ NiMo28 / W Nr.2.461 / NiMo28 / UNS N10665 / NiMo28 Melting Temperature Range: 1330~1380℃
Appilication: Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy Production And Pollution Control Areas Grade: DIN/ ASTM /BS /ASME...
High Light:

Hastelloy B2 Welded Steel Pipe


Nickel Molybdenum Alloy Steel Pipe


Petrochemical Welded Steel Pipe

Product Description

Alloy Steel Pipe Hastelloy B-2 Welded steel pipe corrosion-resistant, nickel-molybdenum alloy

Hastelloy B-2 is a corrosion-resistant, nickel-molybdenum alloy solid solution state.


Hastelloy B-2 It has the following features:

● control of iron and chromium in the minimum content, prevent the generation of β phase Ni4Mo.
● The reducing environment of excellent corrosion resistance.
● excellent resistance to moderate concentrations of sulfuric acid and a number of non-oxidizing acid corrosion.
● good resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance reduction (SCC).
● Excellent corrosion resistant ability of various organic acids


Hastelloy B-2 Grades and standards:

DIN W.Nr.2.461 NiMo28 / ASTM / ASME UNS N10665

Grades and standards: Material Grade Specifications
Chemical composition Pipe Sheet Bar Strip Wire Forging
Seamless Welded pipe










17751 17751
















United Kingdom



United States



UNS N10665



















ISO NiMo28 9722 6207   6208 9723 6208 9724 9725


Hastelloy B-2 Chemical composition:

  Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si Cu Mo Co P S
Min Margin 0.4 1.6         26.0      
Maximum 0.7 2.0 0.01 1.0 0.08 0.5 30.0 1.0 0.02 0.01


Hastelloy B-2 Physical properties:


Melting temperature range:1330~1380℃

Hastelloy B-2 Mechanical behavior:

The following is the appropriate solution treatment specifications state Hastelloy B-2 performance, special performance specifications of other special materials depending on the particular application.

Product Size mm

Yield Strength

RP0.2 N/mm2

Yield Strength

RP1.0 N/mm2

tensile strength

Rm N/mm2

Elongation A5% Hardness HB
Plate and strip / cold-rolled ≤5 340 380 755 40 250
Plate / hot rolling 5-65
Bar   325 370 745  
Pipe   340 360 755  


Hastelloy B-2 The minimum value of the mechanical properties at room temperature:

Form Yield Strength RP0.2 N/mm2 Yield Strength RP1.0 N/mm2
100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400
Plate, Sheet 315 285 270 255 355 325 310 295
Bars, forgings 300 275 255 240 340 315 300






Hastelloy B-2 has been widely used in chemical, petrochemical, energy production and pollution control areas, especially in sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid and other industries. When applied to specific areas, please consult the material supplier.



1. Before heat treatment and heat treatment process should always be kept clean and pollution-free piece, which is very important.
2. In the heating process can not contact with sulfur, phosphorus, lead and other low melting point metal, otherwise it will impair the performance of the alloy, Hastelloy B-2 so brittle. It should be noted remove paint, such as marking, temperature indication paint, crayons, chalk, oil, various liquids and oil, fuel and other stains.
3. fuel sulfur content as low as possible, the total content of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas should be less than 0.1% sulfur content of sulfur in the city gas no more than 0.25g / m3, the sulfur content of the fuel should be less at 0.5 %.
4. The furnace gas must be clean and slightly reductive appropriate, should avoid furnace gas fluctuates between oxidation and reduction, heated by the flame is not burning directly to the workpiece.
5. The fast should be heated to the desired temperature.


Thermal processing:

1. Hastelloy B-2 thermal processing temperature range of 1160 ℃ ~ 900 ℃, cooling water quenching.
2. To ensure the best corrosion resistance, thermal processing should be carried out after annealing.
3. thermal processing, the workpiece should be directly added to the warmed heat treatment furnaces.


Cold machelloning:

1. cold need to be solution annealed condition.
2. Hastelloy B-2 work hardening rate is greater than the austenitic stainless steel, so the need for machining equipment to be adjusted accordingly. In the cold working process should be intermediate annealing.
3. If cold rolling is greater than 15%, then the workpiece before use solution treatment.


Hastelloy B-2 Heat treatment:

1. Solution treatment temperature range of Hastelloy B-2 is 1060 ℃ ~ 1080 ℃.
2. For thickness greater than 1.5mm material recommended cooling method for water quenching or rapid air cooling in order to ensure the best corrosion resistance.
3. In all the heat treatment process, should pay attention to compliance with the foregoing matters must be kept clean workpieces.


Hastelloy B-2 to the oxides:

Surface oxide 1. Hastelloy B-2, and the coating oxide color and weld slag around stronger than steel, it is recommended to use fine grain belt or fine grain grinding wheel.
2. Before pickling, carefully polished by sandblasting or break the oxide.
3. Use HNO3 / HF mixed acid pickling appropriate time and temperature. Due to the sensitivity of the alloy to oxidation medium, weight of the alloy may be lost, and along with more nitrogen-containing gas is generated.


Hastelloy B-2 Machining:

Hastelloy B-2 should be carried out after annealing machining, due to the higher rate of work hardening the material, and therefore should be made of stainless steel is lower than the standard austenitic alloy processing low speeds and heavy feed for processing, in order to cut the work hardening below the surface.


Hastelloy B2 Welded Steel Pipe Corrosion Resistant Nickel Molybdenum Alloy 0 Hastelloy B2 Welded Steel Pipe Corrosion Resistant Nickel Molybdenum Alloy 1


Hastelloy B2 Welded Steel Pipe Corrosion Resistant Nickel Molybdenum Alloy 2 Hastelloy B2 Welded Steel Pipe Corrosion Resistant Nickel Molybdenum Alloy 3

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