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what is stainless steel pipe?

May 26, 2023

Latest company news about what is stainless steel pipe?


  • Manufacturing Process:

    • Seamless Tubing: Seamless tubing is produced without any seams or welds. It is manufactured by piercing a solid billet of steel and then drawing it over a mandrel to form the desired shape and size. This process results in a uniform, continuous tube without any welded joints.
    • DOM Tubing: DOM tubing is also produced without seams or welds, but it undergoes an additional manufacturing process. After the initial seamless tube is formed, it goes through a cold-drawing process. The tube is drawn through a die to reduce its diameter and wall thickness while improving its mechanical properties.
  • Strength and Accuracy:

    • Seamless Tubing: Seamless tubes have excellent strength and are generally preferred in applications that require high pressure or resistance to corrosion. They have uniform wall thickness throughout the length and provide precise dimensional accuracy.
    • DOM Tubing: DOM tubes are known for their superior mechanical properties, especially in terms of strength and toughness. The cold-drawing process enhances the tube's physical properties, making it suitable for applications that demand tight tolerances, durability, and resistance to impact.
  • Surface Finish:

    • Seamless Tubing: Seamless tubes have a smooth surface finish both inside and outside. This makes them ideal for applications where the internal surface needs to be free from imperfections or where smooth flow characteristics are essential, such as in hydraulic systems.
    • DOM Tubing: DOM tubes have a slightly rougher surface finish compared to seamless tubes. The cold-drawing process imparts a "burnished" or "turned and polished" appearance to the tube. This surface finish is advantageous in applications where the tube needs to be welded or where surface imperfections are less critical.
  • Availability and Cost:

    • Seamless Tubing: Seamless tubes are generally more readily available in a wide range of sizes and grades. However, they are often more expensive due to the complexity of the manufacturing process and the higher demand for seamless steel tubes.
    • DOM Tubing: DOM tubes are available in a limited range of sizes and grades compared to seamless tubes. They are relatively less expensive than seamless tubes, making them a cost-effective option for many applications.

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